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  • Q: Do you have a minimum quantity for purchasing?
  • A: No.. You can buy 1 or a few or more
  • Q: Do you give discounts?
  • A: Yes.. Discounts are given for quantity purchases :- 10-19 5%, 20-30 10%, 30 plus 15%
  • Q: Do you have a choice of colours for your products and is there any extra charge if you do?
  • A: Yes.. We have choice of Red, Green, Yellow, Black, Brown, Grey (other colours on request if available). Blue is our standard colour and there is NO CHARGE for other colours with an order of 5 products of each colour.
  • Q: Do you supply to other states, other than NSW?
  • A; Yes. We have happy customers all over Australia, including Tasmania and Thursday Island
  • Q: What method of freight do you use?
  • A: We use a Courier service and the Post. However, should you have your own courier account we are happy to use that service for you.
  • Q: What are your freight charges?
  • A: Courier and Post use the same method of calculating costs. It is worked out on the Volume of the parcel more frequently than the weight, because Aluminium doesn’t weigh very heavy, but is quite bulky. When the products are packed, the carton is measured and then calculated on size and Post Code.
  • Q: How long does it take to receive a delivery?
  • A: Under normal circumstances ETA is up to 14 days after receipt of the purchase order.
  • Q: Do we have to be a big company to buy your products?
  • A: No. If we have the product you want, and you have the money, it is all good business.

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