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LabRacks an all Australian story, has been manufacturing Aluminium Laboratory Products for over 40 years and is located at Warriewood NSW.

LabRacks proudly boasts long lasting business relationships with our loyal customers, such as Hospital and Hospital Pathologies, Govt. and Private Pathologies, Blood Collections, Research Laboratories, Universities and TAFE.

LabRacks specialize in the manufacture of Laboratory products which are fabricated from 5005 grade/1.2mm thick Aluminium sheeting.

LabRacks enjoys a special “niche” in the market place by manufacturing “custom made” products along with their standard range of over 100 items and still growing.

Who we are and Our Products

We are fully Australian Owned and all our alumimium laboratory products are made in Australia. Our focus is ensurring our operation is Eco Friendly - NO waste in landfill and ALL manufacturing waste is recycled.

Labracks laboratory products are non porous, non rusting and with silky smooth finish. While our aluminium products are lightweight, they are still very robust, sturdy and everlasting. All our products are stronger than plastic, less bulky than wood and lighter than Stainless Steel

We know that your requirements are sometimes unique just like your business. We offer a huge range of sizes and configurations too numerous to list- We make your products to Order and offer many customisation options.

To enquire about Labracks or any of our products, please contact us

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